Kids Love Veggie Soup!

Kids learned all about veggie soup through Veggie Soup Activity Pages (incentive chart with veggie soup stickers, a veggie counting page with crayons, and a veggie sticker activity sheet), recommended books featuring veggie soup, Tips Sheet to encourage kids to try veggie soup from a pediatric dietician, Veggie Puppets art project (materials included), Grow Micro Basil growing project (organic non-gmo seeds, grow pad, grow tray, and instructions included), Alphabet Veggie Soup recipe card, "Pretend Veggie Soup" board game, "Olivia Onion" felt collectible toy and Veggie Bud Card, and the book "Growing Vegetable Soup" by Lois Ehlert. 

Kids Love Broccoli!

Kids learned to love broccoli through a Broccoli Activity Book (incentive chart with broccoli stickers, fun facts, broccoli nutrition info, ideas on how to cook with broccoli, activity page with star stickers, brassica veggie count activity, recommended books featuring broccoli, crayons), Broccoli Banjo art project (materials included), Broccoli Sprouts growing project (organic seeds and sprouting materials included), Broccoli Nuggets recipe card, "Bountiful Broccoli" board game, "Buster Broccoli" felt collectible toy and Veggie Buds Card, and the book "There's Broccoli in my Ice Cream!" by Emily MacKenzie (included fun activity sheets from the author).

Kids Love Pumpkins!

Kids learned all about pumpkins through a Pumpkin Activity Book (incentive chart with  pumpkin stickers, fun facts, pumpkin nutrition info, ideas on how to cook with pumpkin, make-your-own pumpkin patch with pumpkin stickers, pumpkin letter match with pumpkin seeds, recommended books featuring pumpkin, crayons), Pumpkin Photo Frame art project (materials included), Pumpkin Sprouts growing project (organic soil and science sheet included), Roasted Pumpkin Seeds recipe card, "Five Little Pumpkins" board game, "Parker Pumpkin" felt collectible toy and Veggie Bud Card, the book "Apples and Pumpkins" by Anne Rockwell, and the "Maisy's Garden" sticker book.

Kids Love Sweet Corn!

Kids learned to love sweet corn through a Sweet Corn Activity Book (incentive chart with corn stickers, fun facts, corn nutrition info, ideas on how to cook with corn, ornamental corn activity page with gemstone stickers, three sister's garden coloring page, crayons), Sweet Corn Bookmark with recommended books featuring corn, Popcorn Crown art project and Popcorn Activity Page (organic popcorn kernels and craft materials included), Sprout a Corn Cob growing project (dry corn cob included), Gluten-Free Sweet Corn Fritters recipe card, "Counting Kernels" board game, On-the-Farm sticker activity, and the book "Curious George: Farm to Table" by H. A. Rey.

Kids Love Peppers!

Kids learned to love peppers through a Pepper Activity Book (incentive chart with pepper stickers, fun facts, pepper nutrition info, ideas on how to cook with peppers, fun pepper activity pages, crayons), Pepper Bookmark with recommended books featuring peppers, Pepper Stamps art project (washable paint and paintbrush included), Grow a Pepper Plant growing project (organic seeds, soil, and pot included), Pepper Rainbow recipe card (taste-test sheet and crayons included), Sweet Pepper Scones recipe card,  "Pepper Stop Go" game, Pepper Maracas, and the book "How are You Peeling? Foods with Moods" by Saxton Freeman and Joost Elffers. 

Kids Love Peas

Kids learned to love peas through a Pea Activity Book (incentive chart with pea stickers, fun facts, pea nutrition info, ideas on how to cook with peas, fun pea activity pages, pea pom poms, crayons), Pea Bookmark with recommended books featuring peas, Pea Necklace art project (materials included), Pea Magnet art project (materials included), Grow Pea Sprouts growing project (organic seeds and growing supplies provided), Easy Pea-sy Pancakes recipe card, Crunchy Pea Snack recipe card, Popping Peas Key Chain toy, and the book "Peas on Earth" by Tom H. Doodler.