Make veggies fun for kids!


Learn + Cook + Play + Create + Grow = Eat!

Each month your kids will receive a quality children's book, collectible eco-felt veggie toy, fun learning activities, cooking activities, games, arts and crafts projects, a growing project, a collectible button, and more! Each box includes all supplies needed, organic seeds and growing materials, and features a specific veggie. 

June's featured veggie is PEPPERS!

Sign up by June 1st, we ship June 5th.

Veggie Buds Club helps turn your picky eaters into veggie lovers (or veggie lovers into super duper veggie lovers!) and is ideal for ages 3-6. 


 “Want a fun and easy way to expose your kids to vegetables beyond just serving them at the table? Veggie Buds Club is the cutest and yet most practical solution I have seen!”

- Ashley, mom of three and pediatric dietitian, 

“My 4 year old, Jack, and I have been having the best time with this month’s Veggie Buds Club package which is all about PEAS. The crafts were easy, recipes were delicious, and I’m probably way too excited about growing our own pea shoots! We are definitely signing up for next month!” 

-Heather, mom of two, IG: heather_kidskitchen 

“This has got to be the cutest thing on the market! What parent wouldn’t want to order their kid a subscription box that gets them excited about veggies?!”   

-A Year of Boxes, read the full review here

"I don't know about other moms, but I need all the assistance I can get in making veggies interesting for my kids... with the help of Veggie Buds Club, I found just the ticket!! WHAT FUN!!!! All my kids ate the peppers this month and said they wanted more soon!!!"  

 -Jenn, mom of three