Veggie Buds Club


Kids learn to love a new veggie each month!

Fun hands on activities & kid friendly recipes delivered to your door!

We guarantee that your kids will love (or at least try) the featured veggie each month- give the gift that keeps on giving!


Why Veggie Buds Club?

Guarantees children will learn to love veggies

Encourages early learning skills for ages 3-6

Endorsed by pediatric dietitians and feeding therapists

Promoted by major media

Approved by parents and kids

Interactive "screen free" veggie activities


What's Included?

Recipes & Tips: kid friendly, developed by professionals

Crafts: age appropriate, improve fine motor skills

Growing Projects: hands on, promote healthy eating

Games: teach early learning skills & strategies

Books: feature veggies, fun & educational

Activities: "playing with veggies" encourages "eating veggies" 


1. Join the Club!

 Sign up to receive your Veggie Buds Club Box on the 1st of the month! Gain instant access to our active online community. 

2. Learn to Love Veggies!

 Hours of hands-on recipes, crafts, growing projects, games, books and activities that feature a new veggie each month arrive in your mailbox! 

3. EAT More Veggies!

Eating more veggies is important for healthy development and your children are guaranteed to love (or at least try) the featured veggie each month! 

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Customers are Saying

"This is the only subscription box I do with my boys as it hits all the notes! It truly is the perfect blend of reading and literacy, math, and hands on activities (all while encouraging healthy eating without food shaming). My kids have been exposed to vegetables in fun and positive ways and I’ve already seen a huge difference in how my almost 5 year-old approaches foods he used to refuse. I love Veggie Bud Club!" 

-Sawyer S. 

"We absolutely love this box! The activities are so thoughtful and cute! The kids love getting to try the new recipes, and have enjoyed the excitement of seeing different ways veggies can be prepared! If you’re looking for ways to get your kiddos to try more veggies, cook, garden, gain interest in new foods, or just a fun activity for family time- this is it!!"

-Jessica G.

"I ordered the veggie buds club box to encourage my 3 year old to eat veggies and it works like a charm! He is so excited when it arrives in the mail and the sticker/button rewards system has been a game changer in getting him to eat his dinner. The activities and games are fantastic as well, my child enjoys them and they are also enjoyable for the parent in my opinion. I love that the activities cover a wide variety of subjects!"

-Mrs. S.

Join the only club that teaches kids to learn to love a new veggie each month!

February's theme is SUPERHERO SPINACH!

Join now for hours of hands on spinach activities and recipes delivered to your mailbox or inbox in early February!

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