Veggie Buds Club

Turn picky eaters into veggie lovers with a subscription to Veggie Buds Club!

Children engage with a new veggie each month through kid-friendly recipes, crafts, activity pages, games, growing projects, children's books, and more!

Veggie Buds Club is for veggie lovers and picky eaters and is ideal for children ages 3-6.


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Join Veggie Buds Club to receive hours of veggie activities each month that are guaranteed to make veggies fun (and tasty!) for your children.

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We share additional recipes and tips in our Facebook Group and members cheer you on your veggie-loving journey!

3. Eat Veggies!

Receive your Veggie Buds Club subscription on the 1st of each month. Time for your children to start cooking, crafting, growing, and eating veggies!

What real customers have to say about Veggie Buds Club!

This is the only subscription box I do with my boys as it hits all the notes! It truly is the perfect blend of reading and literacy, math, and hands on activities (all while encouraging healthy eating without food shaming). My kids have been exposed to vegetables in fun and positive ways and I’ve already seen a huge difference in how my almost 5 year-old approaches foods he used to refuse. I love Veggie Bud Club! 

-Sawyer S.

We absolutely love this box! The activities are so thoughtful and cute! The kids love getting to try the new recipes, and have enjoyed the excitement of seeing different ways veggies can be prepared! If you’re looking for ways to get your kiddos to try more veggies, cook, garden, gain interest in new foods, or just a fun activity for family time- this is it!! 

-Jessica G.

I ordered the veggie buds club box to encourage my 3 year old to eat veggies and it works like a charm! He is so excited when it arrives in the mail and the sticker/button rewards system has been a game changer in getting him to eat his dinner. The activities and games are fantastic as well, my child enjoys them and they are also enjoyable for the parent in my opinion. I love that the activities cover a wide variety of subjects! 

-Mrs S

October's featured veggie is Pumpkin!

Veggie Buds Club Box subscription:

The Veggie Buds Club Box includes a quality children's book featuring pumpkin, a printed copy of our "Kids Love Pumpkins!" activity book, craft supplies, organic seeds, an interactive game, a pumpkin collectible button, stickers, and more! You will receive your Veggie Buds Club Box in the mail on or near October 1st.

Veggie Buds Club eBook subscription:

Join and you will receive a "Kids Love Pumpkins!" activity book in your inbox on October 1st. Included in the activity book are kid-friendly recipes, arts and crafts projects, a growing project, interactive games, a "snacktivity", recommended children's books featuring pumpkin, tips from a pediatric dietitian to help your kids learn to like pumpkin, pumpkin fun facts, activity pages, and more!

Veggie Buds Club is ideal for children ages 3-6.

Plans start at just $8.99/month! Cancel anytime.


When will I receive my Veggie Buds Club subscription?

Box Subscription: We ship the Veggie Buds Club Box on the 29th of the month so that you receive it on approximately the 1st of the next month. EBook Subscription: We email you a PDF of the eBook (Veggie Activity Book) on the 1st of each month, simply download and either print the entire eBook or view it on your device and just print the activity sheets. 

What do I need to get started?

Each eBook provides a list of recommended craft and growing supplies for the month's activities. If you subscribe to the Veggie Buds Club Box, you will receive specialty craft and growing supplies in the mail but will need to provide basic supplies such as glue, safety scissors, and scotch tape. 

Do you ship internationally?

We email our monthly eBook world wide! Our Veggie Buds Club Box ships to the US and Canada (Free Shipping!).

Do you do gift subscriptions?

Absolutely, how thoughtful! A subscription to Veggie Buds Club makes a great gift for the kids in your life. To gift Veggie Buds Club simply select "This is a Gift" at checkout. Please ensure that the email address provided is correct as this is where the eBook will be sent. 

Do you offer Veggie Buds Club for school enrichment programs?

Yes! We currently partner with schools and daycare centers across the US to offer Veggie Buds Club as part of their enrichment programming. We would love to work with you! Send us an email at and we will communicate our bulk discount rates and set up a custom subscription. 

I have more questions, can you help?

Of course, just send us an email at Most questions are answered within two business days.

Teach your children to love veggies!