Veggie Buds Club is a monthly subscription for children ages 3-6 that features a new healthy veggie each month. The goal is for children to eat their veggies by making veggies fun!

Veggie Buds Club has been helping children learn to love veggies since 2016. Thousands of children have eaten more veggies because of Veggie Buds Club!

About us

Monica Irwin created Veggie Buds Club after her years of experience working as a farmer, farmer's market manager, and environmental educator. It was founded on the premise that all kids can love veggies! Veggie Buds Club employs professional chefs, pediatric dietitians, and feeding therapists that develop materials for each Veggie Buds Club veggie activity book.

Monica is a regular on the live television show, Twin Cities Live, where she shares recipes and tips each month that feature Veggie Buds Club's veggie of the month. One of her highlights was making "Celery Bugs" on air with her 6 year old daughter, Harriet!